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The Young Japanese artist your brand is waiting for
June 2018

Brillant, vibrant, singular, what the new Japanese scene is bringing is incredible and totally underrated. The more we meet them, the more we are convinced that the best way to bring something new on the table of branding is not always the best creative directors who will fight in Cannes. But indeed the artist who has a look at both consumers side but mostly facing the beauty of things, the basis of our business what ultimately sublimate messages and brand concepts.

JULY 2018

And we are back again, after a hectic month it's time to tell you everything we did in July, and there are so much.
Summer is the perfect time to plan and to create strategies for the straight line to december, you can do that by switching from your old agency, to us :-)

august 2018

 if you feel the need for some fresh air, and when I said fresh air I mean, NO BS, transparent talk, services like you never encountered for a fair, worthy and not exaggerate rate: well, we should talk. We are interested into making you win and prosper of course, but we also want to help you to accomplish the crazy ambition of yours, cause life is too short and that "thing" you really want to try...well; we should do it :-)


We take entertainment seriously.

We heard that "entertainment is not noble," we also heard that "entertainment doesn't need communication because people will buy anyway." We believe fans deserve the best because everyone deserves the best. We have a passion for entertainment and we believe that everything should be done to invite your customer into your fantasy's reality, he won't be disappointed with us.


A community is not about management; it's about being TRUE.

In a time where an agency is useless when it's about talking about customer's product. We believe that you are the best specialist about your brand and your product: what we had is the know-how, the expertise of handling, creating a community of users, fans or customers who are going to start a conversation with you. This is where everything is at play, will your customer be loyal? Will your prospect become customers? Or are your fans will still be your best ambassador? Our expert in community management is here to share with you and your staff the best practices, advice and action to bring everyone together.


Paid Media is not about numbers; it's about efficiency.

In a time where everybody only swears on speed and betting fast as light speed, we genuinely believe that what in the end you are looking for is more than just sales. You are looking for efficiency, the art of making deals without wasting any money, by being smart in putting back human in the process, we just put everything that was smart into paid media.

Death_to_Stock_Get-Down_+18 (1).jpg

3M views in 24h?
Yes, we did it,

and we can redo it
with your brand.

Where is the trace of your victories? What do you call success? Nothing will happen if we wait for success to knock on the door, this is why we are not afraid of having our hands dirty in submitting ideas, recommendation and action plan to let all your great creation shines: if you have a great product, the digital activation will be its biggest proof. Results are never the problem, do you have the right platform? Do you deliver the promise? Because we do.



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