Tweetbot Westworld for OCS


What is this about ?

To promote the acclaimed TV Show Westworld, and The Walking Dead for OCS, we designed a Twitter operation. The concept is simple : creating a special relationship between the shows and their fans by asking them what they would do if they were in the show, or what kind of secret is hidden in their favorite show.

The objectives was to promote the tv channel broadcasting the shows.


Our solution ?

Because conversation is exactly what social media is about, we decided to use those infinite conversation about characters or storyline into a marketing operation that would increase the notoriety and the awareness of the shows and the tv channel.

 Twitter users are touched by a tweet asking them something special : 


"Who should stop Negan?" according to your choice, you'll be tweeting your choice with a direct link to the show, but the story doesn't stop here...

according your choice, the twitter account will reply you with a video of the famous "Negan" in this example : 


For the user who receive this reply it's a new opportunity to share the tweet with his friends and to redo the operation to see what can of answer he'll get from the tweet.

The result ?


Great engagement, lots of impressions and people enjoyed it so much that they couldn't stop tweeting about it ! Your brand can create a great relationship with twitter users if you create a great interaction.



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