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What is this about ?

A 7-minute youtube video directed by the most famous youtuber in France: Norman.

A high-quality production approaching the favorite series of young people: The Walking Dead. The idea is to promote the only legal service in France that broadcasts the series: OCS.


How to be visible when you are a tv channel competing against piracy and other broadcasters? You need great show; then you need a great ambassador to remind everyone that the best tv show is on your network.

OCS has already the best shows: Game of Thrones, The Handmaid tales for example, but also The Walking Dead!

So now we need a solution to make sure anyone knows where to watch the show...


And this is how comes the idea to have a 7-minute video written by the best YouTube authors in France, with more than 70 persons in the production team, and of course a real zombie horde. Norman is the most famous Youtuber in France, and one of the biggest fan of The Walking Dead on OCS.

Because he's a great fan he was really happy to write a complete script on his favorite show and had a lot of fun by including the network brand: OCS inside his video.

The promotion was very positive and not considered as a "product placement" by his audience thanks to the quality of the content and the script.

This would have never been possible without the complete support of our customer OCS.



The video has been well received by both fans of Norman and fans of the TV Show : 



Great engagement, lots of impressions and people enjoyed it so much that they couldn't stop tweeting about it! Your brand can create a great relationship with Twitter users if you create a great interaction.

"It was a great challenge to create a piece of quality content, but thanks to the talent of Norman and his team and the great collaboration of OCS allowing him to have extensive freedom in writing, it resulted in a genuine tribute from a fan to the show". Thierry BEZIER-MEMBREY Co-Founder EveryOne.



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