Livetweet Elle & Vire (Savencia)


Elle & Vire and EveryOne. : gives taste to the culinary livetweet


Key result :


The opportunity

M6's gastronomic and culinary programs gather not only between 2 and 3.7 million viewers per evening, but the hashtags of the shows (#TopChef, #LMP) generate more than 60,000 tweets and 45,000 retweets over the seasons of each of its broadcasts.

The strategy

Elle & Vire, partner of "Le meilleur pâtissier" (bake-off), chose EveryOne for livetweets of these broadcasts with the objective of increased visibility of the brand, a powerful impact and commitment for the @ElleetVire account and a relational quality with cooking fans on Twitter. 

With 200 original tweets from livetweet, all written live during the show not only reacting live but also proposing site recipes from, good plans and news of the brand in phase with livetweet, the @elleetvire account appears in the top 10 most important contributing accounts: Most active (#1), original tweets (#1), top photographers (#3) and especially account having most impact (#7). 

The results for the account are convincing:

• A gain of more than 200 followers out of a total of 4000 tweets on Top Chef and the Best Pastry.

• The brand name was mentioned more than 2,500 times.

• Livetweet has created more than 300 interactions (with peaks at over 800 interactions) generating a lasting relationship with twittos. 

@ElleetVire livetweets are expected, and sometimes even demanded by followers! 

The reports generated by EveryOne with tools like TweetBinder or SocialBakers allow the brand to have a clear and detailed vision of evenings and integrate this data into the digital communication strategy. In 1 year, the results were increasing as for example #TopChef:

• +78% on interactions,

• +117% for replies to tweets and
+208% on brand mentions.

Let’s meet on the next show with ingredients for tasty tweets, quality mentions, and flavorful growth :-)



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