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—  OCS (Orange)

Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Handmaid’s tale, True Detective, Westworld, Counterpart, Preacher, Powers, Le Nom de la Rose, Strike Back, Little Big Lies, Sharp objects, The leftovers, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, True bloods, Entourage, Six Feet Under, The Wire, The Sopranos and more…!



—  ADN (Media Participations / Viz Media Europ)


Boruto-Naruto Next generation, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, One Piece, Captain Tsubasa, Radiant, HunterXHunter, Kuroko’s Basket, One Punch Man, GTO, City Hunter, Overlord, Foodwars, Assassination Classroom, Death Note and a lot more…!



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