Captain Tsubasa Case Study

Case study :
Captain Tsubasa,
social media launch


When the most famous anime about soccer is back : goaaaaaaaaaal !

What is incredible about reboots is when the new version is better than the original one; this is precisely what happens with Captain Tsubasa. 

If you were around the 1980's, you couldn't have missed the true popular success of this anime.

So now in 2018, the show is back with its original Title: Captain Tsubasa.

Same story, with an incredibly talented studio in command. 

Broadcast on the leader streaming platform for anime in France: Anime Digital Network, the agency is proud to launch the show on Social Media.

For this purpose we worked closely with PR, but also had a digital strategy based on Twitter and Micro Influencers, here are the results.

All the episode are a great rendezvous for fans, this is why we instaured those LiveTweets every Mondays.
On the launch monday it's +2K likes we received on our tweets

It's now more than 50K impressions every Mondays and we are talking about more than 50 Livetweets coming this year !

Since the launch of Captain Tsubasa (now for 8 weeks) it's more than 740K impressions and 2 times a trending topic in France in less than 270 original tweets, at the same time we started the excitement among the fans by contacting micro-influencers : you know those great fans that have actually a community around them. 

The success is here also with more than 400K cumulative views about the show and quoting the broadcaster (ADN)

In the end the conversation are so important in France that this country gather more than 28% of all the mentions worldwide, even Japan doesn't have that much mentions!