Ballers new season the true entrepreneur tv show right now


We watch Ballers for some years now, not because we work on the promotion of this HBO show for their official broadcaster in France: OCS. but because this is undoubtedly one of the best show about entrepreneurship around right now.

Of course, not every entrepreneur are buying a football team or building a stadium. But all the theme inside the show, the more intimate, the mental struggle as the incredible joys you can feel while being an entrepreneur are in this show.

Why is Dwayne Johnson, the perfect actor for this show? Indeed, his career is a pure example of resilience. How inspiring to see his Character Spencer is going through same imaginable struggle The Rock might have felt.

There is something I like a lot in Ballers: it's the relationship between the two partners: Spencer Strasmore and Joe Krutel. It reminds me of some time of my duo with Victor in our entrepreneurial adventure. Having a partner in business, particularly a risky one (all of them are, right?) is essential.

The path was ambushed with many obstacles, but in victories or their failures those 2 partners always support each other.

They take all the worst and the best decision possible to obtain what they want. Loyalty, in the end, is the most critical quality every partner need.

We'll see how it works out for both of them in this season 5, hoping that this season won't be the last one. One of my favorite quote: "There comes a time when a man must fight knowing he may lose."

Ballers, in august on HBO

Thierry BEZIER