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Sometimes we heard that hiring a creative digital agency is always a risk, in most of the cases big brands never take risks, that is undoubtedly why they usually use "pitch agencies" or only pick huge agencies with strange initials to compete in their long list to make sure "nothing risky" happens.

That's the same kind of brands ready to pay millions in nominal fees for an intern army rather pay 10K to do something incredible with experts you'll never find in a clean white open space.

It's amusing to see how quickly our business (doing communication for brands on digital) has become something nobody wants to be risky. "Do not do too much sparkles", "Don't do something that could possibly damage the brand", "Don't do something too courageous", "Do not have an opinion because we want everybody (anybody) as a customer", "Hell no I won't pay you to experiment new stuff, are you nut?".

We have the best client in the World, incredible people who remember that our existence was made to take some risks, to do some experiments to find "that thing" nobody has done before, and that will bring some certainly unexpected but great results. Great humans who realize how much we are passionate about their products and their platform, I have never remembered taking a look to my watch with them.  We called them "brave brands" and we love working with them: that is precisely why we need more.

Did I tell you that at EveryOne. we love entertainment? Sometimes I see great video games being launched and I see the "thing" that is missing, "the thing" I'd love to have as a fan, a potential customer, "the thing" I wish I had in my life to become a forever fan of the brand. So, I take my Linkedin, look for that incredible person responsible for Marketing or Digital, and I introduce myself, because I love what I do I'll explain for many lines (like here!) what I would do, and how much it could be great, do not worry,I get 99% of the time no response. I wonder sometimes if their agencies care about them that much,do they received such love letters from those big ad networks? Do their agencies care about their customers like if it were their own?. 

So back to you "Brave brands," if you feel the need for some fresh air, and when I said fresh air I mean, NO BS, transparent talk, services like you never encountered for a fair, worthy and not exaggerate rate: well, we should talk. We are interested into making you win and prosper of course, but we also want to help you to accomplish the crazy ambition of yours, cause life is too short and that "thing" you really want to try...well; we should do it :-)

It's totally undestandable on a personnal point of view, why digital marketers sometimes prefers to work with big ad network, they want to be sure to make the right choice...Truth is there are a lot of independant company like ours, with ideas, and comparable execution they could use... The fact that we are younger, "below the radar" or not visible at the Cannes Lion doesn't mean we can't do it. It just means we don't have the money to spend to promote us this way. We invest in people, we spend money to test, we buy competitor's product, we're doing all the things you think they (the other agencies) would do for some millions : being involved in your project.

Can we do the same job as an arrogant ad network ? Yep entirely and we can do it better, stronger and of course cheaper, "Brave brands" we are all yours! Let's get to work! 

Thierry BEZIER 

Thierry BEZIER