What we did in July... a lot!

And we are back again, after a hectic month it's time to tell you everything we did in July, and there are so much.
As the usual one of our favorite activity is consulting: we love working with you to achieve all your objectives.

Paid media on Social Media is particularly interesting, 2018 and still, a year where you can steal competition thanks to social media as long as not, all your competitors have a real paid media strategy.

Being closed to fans is important, so when you have a chance to share discussions and contents with fans of shows such Sharp objects from HBO or One Piece from TOEI, you know you are creating this individual bonds between fans and distributors.
Summer is here, and we can't stop thinking about back to school, it's the perfect time to rethink your 2018 strategy and talk with us about how you are going to rock the competition in September: This is why we never close.

Thierry BEZIER