The Young Japanese artist your brand is waiting for

Brillant, vibrant, singular, what the new Japanese scene is bringing is incredible and totally underrated. The more we meet them, the more we are convinced that the best way to bring something new on the table of branding is not always the best creative directors who will fight in Cannes. But indeed the artist who has a look at both consumers side but mostly facing the beauty of things, the basis of our business what ultimately sublimate messages and brand concepts.

Feebee is one of them : if you have been to Japan in 2016 your certainly have seen this beautiful campaign for Nike : 

Some of those artist are not always well known outside Japan, but when they leave the country you can discover incredible painting and pieces like right now in Paris for few month : 

On her facebook page you can see how the pieces are made, and this is where all her work takes shapes : 

At EveryOne. we have the desire to create more and more collaboration between brands and artist. We live in an era where more and more brands are looking for efficiency only, but efficiency can come only if you have notoriety. To create more conversion you'll always notoriety and working with brand platform sometimes inspired by artist talks about beauty and message to your prospect easily than a direct approach, it allow us to know first if we both share the same values.

Thierry BEZIER