You don't need TV commercial when you have us

It's funny to see how much big corporation can develop and broadcast more and more TV commercial at a time where none of us is actually watching it. Make a small survey around you and ask who is actually watching regular TV, not Netflix, not streaming, not YouTube, Amazon Prime, HBO or any OTT services.

There will be a limited amount of people, and this is where the things get interesting: most of the people don't even have a chance to be in front of a commercial.

Now let's say that you are actually watching television like my parents did, you sit on your sofa, right in front of your screen, you are watching television, then comes the commercials, what do you do?

a) you grab your phone

b) you go to the kitchen/bathroom / somewhere else

c) you switch channel until you don't cross a tv commercial

d) you actually watch the whole 10 min commercial break with attention.

The truth is you'll not answer response D.

So how do we explain, that corporation needs this kind of reassurance tv networks gives to them ? "So you got big numbers millions of people were in front of your ad (checking their phones)" "maybe if we don't get the results it's because of the ad agency, or the media agency, or maybe our product".

There is only one question you should ask your agency: "What show did you watch last night? Which commercial really taught you something? Makes you want to buy something?"

2018 is not for cowards, or for people hiding, nobody has the luxury to spend money that will be wasted and that can have some real-life consequences such layoff and more... It is time actually to take a brave statement but yet totally logical in 2018: "We are going full digital" because : 

- It's the only reliable way to connect activation to sales (we are talking real conversion)

- It's the space of truth: if my product is great and well made, we will meet our audience and convert.

- My brand can be creative, and we can show what we are made of. We can change to become what we really want to be. We do not need to save millions every year to shoot a commercial to pivot or to say who we are or how we changed.

So now that you have changed your strategy, we can build something that your biggest competitor is not doing: talking with your customers, not like "customers" but like people who help you to accomplish your mission.

You'll be able to try a lot of things, to give chances to a creator, to listen to your customers and prospects to bring more to the table, to increase your sales by knowing exactly what every penny is used for. This is something we do for EveryOne. and we invite you to contact us today to see how much you can save in switching totally digital.

Thierry BEZIER