Why being independent is our best way to bring value

It has been a while since my last post; there is an excellent reason to that, we've been working like never, I mean a lot. 2018 has been tough, and I'm happy it's finally ending, 2019 looks already great, and I know already that they are great digital activation, actions, brand content and more we'll be doing.

Six years old is always a significant birthday, it's a pride for us to still be 100% independent, and to say that EveryOne. still belong entirely to its founder me and Victor.

Being independent is important, it allows us to choose our destiny without limit or hassle. We made some tough choice this year, we decided to let some customer go, and we also decided to focus on new projects to evolve and grow.

Today, the only thing you'll read on any website, news site, social network post from a magazine or whatever fancy business website is that when you have a startup (or a company), you have to grow fast. 

We haven't grown fast, we grew organically in a way that kept our values and ethics intact. We have been in the early years making some mistakes, we wasted time with dream dealers in doing too many unpaid reviews but we have learned from them, and after six years we're entirely focused on what we want for the next ones and what we don't want.  

What we want is to invest in our customers, find the ones we can help to win, but more than this find the new ones we want to work for. We're proud and happy to see our activities in Japan starting by helping japanese brands to emerge on the European market. We love those brands, they are part of our company's culture, and we can't wait to work with more brands, startups, and companies from Japan: this is a direct consequence of being independent; we don't go to China, we go wherever we want and are needed:-).

Being independent allows us also to spend time in an industry we love: "streaming." How delightful it is to have 2 of our customers being in the top10 of the best SVOD service in France: working for OCS and its incredible shows such Game of Thrones, and at the same time for ADN the leader streaming services for Anime in France (you need to watch JOJO's new season). How many digital agencies can have such privilege? 

Being independent means to have a reasonable size, it's cute to see those 500, 800 employees companies proclaiming that they're independent (and small) when more than 30% of your shares belong to a competitor or an advertising group. 

Of course, as a small independent agency, we do not have access to all the exciting competition we could be part of. We are not invited at anything where other agencies are, and of course, we're entirely below the radar. The good part? We're free, we don't have to ask permission, and we're very efficient to the marketing director who makes a move to know us a little bit better, the one who is looking for creativity and efficiency more than just a name in the industry.

You're invited to become a customer in 2019; you're encouraged to be different and provocative, enjoy us today! We're independent, and it feels good.

Thierry BEZIER