Case Studies

What is this about :

VidéoCity Paris is the event that gathers in Europe more than 25 000 fans of Youtube Creators in Paris December 2015. It is the equivalent of the VidCon in the US. 

For its first edition, what was asked to EveryOne. was simple : All those talent have communities on social networks, how to bring them together into ONE.

Our solution :

Millienials accept no compromise when it's about communities: they want action, they want goodies and they want fun.
Before the event : 
- we posted more than 90 contents , everything is a celebration, the tickets announcement, the program, new activities scheduled ; everything must be teased and celebrate.

- All questions must be answered, with more than 600 questions before the event, we did reply to everyone, on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram : the fans  recognised great customer service!

- Retweets, favorites, and discussion around the customers favorit artists, we created a place for all community to merge and talk about their favorite artist... like in the real Live Event.

in numbers : 

- 120 teasing content

- 30 Q&A sessions

- more than 10 post a day for each social network

During the event (2 days) :

- 3 Community manager : 2 were onsite, their objectives? 
Make everyone who is not at the event to feel like if they were there, it's important to show them all the things they are missing and the urgency to buy tickets for the next event.

- 833 published tweets (on a total of 2 666)
- 200 photos published
- hundreds of retweets
- Creation of a Vine channel with more than 20 videos 

The results : 

During the event : 





After the event : 

with no media plan, here are the numbers today : 




The event is back in 2017 and VideoCity Paris is already the best convention for youtube creators in Europe on Social Networks !

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