Today, digital advertising is a desert, everything must be rebuilt

It's a new World


Growth through Innovation.

EveryOne partners with brands and startups to develop new products, services and businesses to drive profitable growth.


We are a startup.

and we are ruled by our partners  results, our dedication has no limits , because this Worlds doesn't have any.


We created a unique crowdsourcing platform for Brands this will change the World of Digital advertising : We believe in empowering consumers.


A unique approach

We don't take the point of view of visits, impressions or what will makes more clicks. We have the same belief as you : sales

Our "customers" are in fact Partners

It might sound crazy but we care more about our partners than in making them spend more. Actually our job is to make them spend less.

By the way we are a startup

totally owned by its founders, we are a startup, don't pay attention to this fancy website or our beautiful concepts : we believe a great idea doesn't need an army to be well delivered : our partners won't deny it.

not an agency : we care

We got the question all the time " are you an agency ?" No, we are solutions, we'll sacrifice and do anything for our partners.

The kind of things we'll do for you

As we just told you we are about solutions, our partners can call us and ask us about anything, if we own the solution we'll do it, if we know someone or a company who have a solution, we'll endorse it and follow the project for our partners.

Technology Scouting

For more than 10 years we are in the major fairs and we meet many companies every year in any kind of fields. If it exist we know the manifacturers or whos is developping it.


...and if it doesn't exist yet we know people who can build it. To make sure to find the best personn for your project, we invest some of our money in building Fab Labs and try any new technology.

Building brands online

Building storytelling in social media is our thing, our partner's consumers have never been closer to their favorite brands online than when we handle social media.


We conduct all your development project, we manage them, we create them, and we make sure you get delivered on time.... or this is on us. Yes




Some of our Partners


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"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." - Bill Gates

Hey, nice to meet you

We believe in small teams, we work with a set of people who are particulary skilled in their own department,
distance is not matters, what matters is energy, hard work and results.

The Founders



 From Private Banker to Entrepreneur with networks in Korea, Japan, USA, EU,UK, victor is a born Geek, interested in new technologies, social media and more, get to know me better on his Linkedin.




A multi-lingual French national, with expertise in advising international brands and startups in social media, innovative tools, technologies and ways to reach audience.

Evangelist and consultant, he has met about 3000 startups while managing Intruders TV, then, for 5 years at a global communication group, he has been advising brands on reaching consumers on the social web, innovation is his passion.


9 avenue des hauts fourneaux, 4362 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg